Choose 1 of our 7 workshops this year to get more hands on learning of each topic and have a more intimate setting.

Be sure to come prepared to get the most out of your workshop by reading what you will need for the workshop you would like to attend. 


Snapchat 101 – Learn how to download, sign up and use Snapchat. You will learn about geofilters, lenses, how to send messages and post your stories.
-Smartphone with internet access

Bridal Show Exhibiting Success – Learn about how to successfully setup booths while collaborating in small groups to make appealing booths that will get brides running to your booth.
-Something to take notes

Profit First with Coach Jason Spencer – We’ll be looking for clarity in your business, and to do that we need to do an assessment of your numbers. Fear not! These documents are for your eyes only to perform the assessment using your real business data. You do not need to share this data with Jason or anyone else during the workshop and everything will remain private. For attendees that do not bring these items, we can provide sample data to complete the workshop tasks. However, it is recommended to use data from your own business whenever possible.

Although not required, if you want to make the most of this workshop please gather the following documents and bring them to this session:
-Laptop would be helpful but not necessary
-Something to take notes
-Profit and Loss for all of 2016 (or last 12 months)
-Balance Sheet for 2016 Year-End
-Personal Tax Return for each business owner (if you have it)

Download and Use Email Lists – Learn how to download lists the you receive from AfWPi, Bridal Show, Magazines and wherever else and how to import them for your email marketing. Also learn how to use basic templates to create emails.
-Email list: a .csv email list of up to 100 contacts
-Idea of what your message to potential clients would be
-Logo and a couple of photos that have been sized to 200k or less

Workflow – Learn the proper ways to implement a workflow procedure. From the sequence of industrial, administrative, or other processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion.

How to write up a business plan, the ins and outs – SCORE will be coming in to do a shortened version of their “Business Plan” workshop and educate you on all SCORE has to offer. You will be given the basic template for creating a business plan and the most important things that go into it.
-Something to take notes

Hashtags and how to use them – Learn the real purpose for #hashtags, how to use them and search them to elevate your online and digital marketing.
-Laptops would be best but not necessary

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