Why Hire a Professional

Why Hire a Professional . . . DJ

by Katy Baker, Adagio Weddings & Events

Professional wedding DJs are different. Wedding DJs know how to mix Frank Sinatra, the BeeGees, Kelly Clarkson, and Usher into one perfect evening. Grandma (who was a swing queen back in the day) will have as much fun as Uncle Frank (a diehard Grateful Dead fan) and as your bridesmaids (who collectively worship Maroon 5). You will feel like you’re moving effortlessly from toasts to cake cutting to dancing – because your professional wedding DJ makes it effortless for you.

Wedding DJs understand protocol, getting through the schedule, and family politics. They can read your guests to make sure the party rocks out instead of rolling over to play dead. They can set up a cute wedding-themed game or teach a new line dance to add instant energy to your event.

Wedding DJs also understand the science of sound and how it moves through a venue. And let’s not forget the added effects of lighting, special effects, and just the right introduction music at just the right time.
Why hire a professional wedding DJ? Because your day depends entirely on how the DJ handles your show.

Why Hire a Professional . . . Florist

by Katy Baker, Adagio Weddings & Events

Flowers and décor are vital elements of your wedding day. They set the stage, the mood; they reflect the color scheme, the texture. Flowers are set to enhance the beauty of the bride, the joy of the day. Cutting roses out of Aunt Beth’s garden and tying them together with a ribbon is not good enough.
You have a vision in mind for what your big day will look like, from the bridal bouquet to the centerpieces on the table. But are those flowers available during your wedding season? What can we do to substitute? How can we make less look like more?

A professional florist or designer has those answers. A professional florist knows how to bring out your themed colors with the right buds that will bring color and texture that your guests will remember. Then he or she can take a few of the key flowers that you want to focus on and fill behind to make those key pieces really pop. They know how to mix colors, textures, fabrics, and lighting to produce an amazing look that will carry from your dress and bouquet to the aisles, tables, and through the entire event.

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