Tips from the Pros


by Lora Ward, A Day to Remember

1. Late night wedding w/champagne, coffee bar and dessert reception. The couple would exchange vows at the very elegant hour of 8:30 p.m. (always better to be married on the half-hour because the hands of the clock are in forward motion… as should a marriage be). Following the nuptials, is a great celebration of dancing until midnight. Refreshments through the evening would be champagne, a coffee bar with interesting coffees served, wedding cake and other decadent desserts offered. This way, the entire evening would be 3 1/2 hours, the food cost are low, the feel to the evening is very sophisticated, and all this falls under the heading of “SIMPLE, BUT ELEGANT”.

2. Summer country wedding – everybody likes to go back to the Good Old Days. Find a quaint country church, or historic grange/hall/barn. The invitations would be to come to a country wedding and invite the guests to bring Pot Luck. Have catering/hostess staff available to transfer the delivered foods into matching attractive buffet dishes containers. A name tag with description of the food and who created it would be hand printed and placed in front of the dish. Every cook loves to show off his/her cooking ability. The entire feel to the event would be old-fashioned family unity and fun. The music would be more country then present day and the decor would include simple cotton tablecloths with sunflowers, garden cut flowers in jars rather than expensive vases.

3. Finally… no theme here, but common sense – the more people invited, the potential for a more costly wedding. The cost of the wedding is effected by the head count since food and beverage are “per head” costs. A DJ, photographer, ceremony musicians, etc. are flat charges with no consideration to head count – only the food and beverage is the variable as it brings the costs up and up based on the head count. DROP NAMES FROM THE GUEST LIST AND THE MONEY WILL LOWER!

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