Keys to Success

By Doug LaVine, Music on the Move DJs & MCs. 15 year AfWPi member

The keys to success as an AfWPi Member, I’ve found, are:

Make sure you participate at every meeting

It is difficult to dive in at first, but there are many roles like Ambassador and Committees that aren’t as demanding, and other opportunities too. Don’t be afraid to get involved. It will cement your place in the group faster, and the other members will get to know you and will appreciate your willingness to participate. A great key for the beginning AfWPi Member is to ask to serve on a committee.

Get involved in leadership positions

There are many positions that will permit you to begin slowly, and build your way up to the top. If you don’t want to be the focal point, serving on a committee is a little less demanding, and it will still help you get noticed, recognized for contributions, and you will make new friends and referral sources much faster.

If you follow these simple rules, you will get the most out of your AfWPi Member experience. AfWPi Membership has a lot to offer, not the least of which is to make loads of really good friends and to have a ball in each monthly mixer. If you are timid at mixing, which is why many members join, this timidity will soon go away, and you’ll find yourself craving the next mixer.


People refer those they know and trust. Get acquainted. Ask to be introduced to others. Take business cards. Follow up on your new acquaintances. Make new friends. Refer those you have just met that are members, and they likewise will refer you!

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